Zoraya Robles

Zoraya Robles design is a Mexican company founded by women dedicated to the design and production of clothing targeted for those who share a passion for gastronomy or for those who work professionally with it. In 2008, the company started offering to the increasing market, some more modern designs that suited the actual life of a cook. In 2011, it started incorporating handcrafted Mexican embroidered pieces into its line as it started working directly with artisans from the states of Puebla, Yucatan, Oaxaca and Zacatecas. Zoraya Robles design have participated in International Gastronomy events in Spain and the United States, where international chefs complimented its products. Due to customer requests the company created a line of linens for babies, which includes hand embroidered sheet sets as well as linens and clothing typical from Yucatan.