Tzobolic Historia Tradición y Cultura was founded and is managed by young indigenous people from the State of Chiapas who primary mission is to find jobs for their families through the training, promotion, production and trade of hand knotted rugs with traditional designs from their State.

This innovative project involves the entire community and creates employment for people with different personal abilities (illiterate indigenous people and with special needs) to break the barriers that prevent their life improvement within their communities. Furthermore, it uses ancestral knowledge and promotes and renews the meaning of the Mayan Designs. Tzobolic was founded in 1998 in “La Albarrada” located in San Cristóbal de las Casas. It started as a group of artisans making hand knotted rugs when in February of 2003, they obtained the certificate of association denominated Tzobolic Historia Tradición y Cultura

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