8.81oz Chocopinol dietary supplement.


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Tía Doris La Nutridora

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Dietary supplements are an excellent option to enrich everybody’s diet, regardless of age, gender or occupation. Corn is an excellent and balanced food with high content of fiber, calories and carbs. It contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K, folic acids, pantothenic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid and minerals. Cinnamon is a spice recommended to improve circulatory problems and to aid diabetics, as it controls the blood sugar. Cocoa contains a high amount of minerals and vitamins, as well as great benefits to health. It is also a great antioxidant and it may work as an anti-depressant. Corn, cinnamon and cocoa powder. An energy drink with calories, protein, vitamin B2 and folic acid ideal for everybody. It comes in a 8.81oz metallized stand-up zip pouch.

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