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100% homemade and natural with great flavor, a smooth texture and it is not too sweet. It´s low in sugar. Seedless strawberry jelly, 9.87 oz vacuum sealed jar.

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Baranello is a company created on May 20, 2011 in the city of Querétaro under the leadership of José Alexander Chicango Zambrano. This company renders it dessert preparation services to restaurants and hotels from Querétaro. Thereafter, it started producing gourmet and natural style products in order to offer new alternatives of flavors and tastes, which allowed the company to expand within the Mexican Republic. This is a company based in the development and production of sweets, jelly and traditional desserts. It uses homemade recipes and processes. With the La Montagnola line, they achieved entering the national market with their arequipes and blackberry, strawberry and pineapple jelly. This Cow’s milk dulce de leche is made with milk, sugar, glucose and sodium bicarbonate. It comes in a 9.87 oz. vacuum sealed jar. This product can be used with bread, crepes and cookies. It is 100% homemade and natural and it has a great flavor, a smooth texture and it is low in sugar.