Solo Ámbar

A company dedicated to the design, creation and trade of exclusive amber jewelry, which is handmade by artisans from Chiapas. Sólo Ámbar is a family business that opened its doors in 1999 at Plaza Crystal, where its founder Lety Zuart was able to share her passion for amber and her unique creations where she combined amber with different metals and precious stones and in 2003 she opened her first store and workshop.

Lety Zuart lived in Simojovel, where she currently buys raw amber, the style of her pieces is the mere reflection of her personality: the combination of a woman with entrepreneurial spirit who worked in lingerie and knows the way women embrace their femininity through her accessories. She wants to help women look unique, independent and elegant. To this day, she has stores in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Tapachula, and they distribute products in five stars’ hotels.

They want to become a brand specialized in the trade of jewelry made of authentic amber from Chiapas and to be recognized on a national level for the wide selection of products and the quality of their service.  Sólo Ámber has all their suppliers in Simojovel as they been working with them for many years and provide the rarest, most special and pure pieces of amber. They verify the quality of the raw materials as each piece has a story they try to preserve. They exploit the best of the piece depending on its tone, size and shape, and carefully decide its purpose. After obtaining the raw material (polished amber) they make a design and chose materials that can be combined with the piece of amber (silver, gold, leather)

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