Small White Ceramic Pot with Birds


Arroz con Leche Mamá

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Arroz con Leche “We design what you love”. Arroz con Leche Mamá is that moment of love transmitted by objects. It’s the laughs and smells of your childhood, the quality time with the family. Design makes a space something unique that becomes a way to spoil ourselves through the senses. Arroz con Leche's vision is to be a design leader corporation based on quality, creativity of its products and honesty towards its clients and users, as well as to cherish the Mexican identity by promoting projects to recover the Mexican craftsmanship workforce. Lina Fuensanta, Industrial Designer with a Masters in Administration, started the brand in 2010 in the city of Querétaro. She started creating pieces in a small workshop that with the pass of the time has been growing. Lina tries to create happy pieces that are not only aesthetic but functional. This is a white lead-free handmade round pot with two birds. The birds represent the union between two best friends. Decorate your space! Made of low-temperature ceramic. Measurements: 3.94"x4.33"

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Arroz con Leche Mamá

Lina Fuensanta started the company in 2010 in Queretaro when she designed some pieces at her small workshop. Her intention was to create “happy” pieces that besides being beautiful, were also functional. Arroz con leche mamá is that moment of love reflected by our pieces, It is the laughs and the smells from your childhood, the quality time with the family that one cherishes” Lina said. “Our vision is to become a market leader in design through the quality and creativity of our products and by being honest with our clients and end customers; and to create projects that save our Mexican identity by employing artisans” They develop projects with artisans from regions and government organizations such as Queretana House of Crafts. They work with ceramic, quarry, and cobblestone wool pieces made by artisans dedicated to the workshop.