Simona López Gómez

Simona Gómez’s products are made in molded clay and hand painted with landscapes and original decorations. She learned customs from Tzeltal towns which are one of the many sub-groups of ancient Mayans who have survived to this day. They live in the central mountains of the State of Chiapas, Mexico and molded clay is one of their main activities. Linguistically speaking, they are related to the Tzotzil. In fact, until the last post-classical period of Mayan history (near the year 1200 of the Christian era) Tzeltal and Tzotzil were an unknown language. In 1993, Simona Gómez continued her family activity in Amatenango del Valle, a much smaller Municipality than Oxchuc, but probably with more local and international recognition. Amatenango del Valle is an unusual example of how the Ancient Mayan World has been slowly introduced into the modern periods, maintaining tradition and adapting to time. Women of this region have been practicing pottery since ancient times. In the past, this activity used to be essential as pottery pieces were used as storage in Tzeltal towns and in their daily lives to cook and eat from them.

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