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Sensacional de Diseño

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Sensacional de Diseño Mexicano, is the celebration of graphic art of our country: the images on the walls, flyers, packages, labels and signs that capture the essence, flavor, color and emotion of the Mexican daily life, and that has become a judge for many contemporary artistic manifestations around the world. Sensacional de Diseño Mexicano products are inspired by the popular urban graphic, leaded by the sense of humor, self-confidence, occupation and the fresh closer look at the daily life. These are values that must be thrive among the society. Therefore, these products are inspired by the streets of Mexico, the neighborhoods, the corner of a street, a taco stand, a bakery windows, a wrestling match poster, the walls of a bar,  hardware stores, gyms, and other establishments. The inspiration is to be interpreted in a line of shirts, accessories, bags and notebooks, therefore, the products are fresh, unique and original. Each product contains different elements that produce a unique sensation of happiness, of popular art. Its clothing and accessories line was born from a book “Sensacional de Diseño Mexicano” written by Juan Carlos Mena, with the contribution of Oscar Reyes and Deborah Holtz, and published by Trilce Ediciones. This book has more than 600 images of local marketing, designs and art from the streets of Mexico City. Thanks to the exhibits made at different parts of the world, Sensacional has boosted Mexican art due to the originality of the materials, design and prints used. This Sensacional Cotton T-shirt comes in Blue with Printed and Flower Patches.

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Sensacional de Diseño

David Byrne (Talking Heads) said about Sensacional de Diseño Mexicano Street Graphics “Bad design is good design”. And tasteful good design, likewise, is bad design. Not good-bad, just bad-bad. Now that “perfect” design is possible with the click of a mouse, the industrialized world has become nostalgic for “imperfect” design.” Sensacional reflects images from Mexico’s small towns, roadsides, and cities, and from printed images such as flyers, labels and comic books. This urban art shares as a common origin, the fact that the artists who made them were not taught orthodox college principles or the conventions of visual arts, or even the latest design trends. This visual culture paints urban art like no other: Good old street art in Mexico. “Sensacional de Diseño Mexicano”, was written by Juan Carlos Mena with the collaboration of Oscar Reyes and Déborah Holtz. Published by Trilce Ediciones, this masterpiece has more than 600 images of local ads, designs and street art from the streets of México. They developed a line of personal accessories based on the book which designs represent the essence of Mexico.