White Cotton Blouse with Openwork


San Miguelito

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This white openwork blouse is a work made by artisans from San Felipe de los Herreros, an indigenous community of the purépecha region formed by 4 villages. Located in the Municipality of Charapán in the State of Michoacán. To finish the openworks, the artisans work on them for two months. The term “purépecha” comes from the “p’urhé” “people” or “person”. The Purépecha culture is known to be a culture that has sustained more strongly than others, due the existence of a bigger population and the continuous practice of their customs.  It is among the most important societies of the Mesoamerican post-classical period. Their origins come from a pre-Conquest mix of Chichimecas, Nahuatl and pretarasco groups who lived in the riversides and islands of Lake of Pátzcuaro at the end of the XII century. There is a hypothesis about their origin that talks about a migration from Peru to Michoacan.

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San Miguelito

San Miguelito is a restaurant, bar, museum and art gallery located in the south end of the city of Morelia, Michoacán and founded by one on Mexico's most renowned chef, Cynthia Martinez. San Miguelito is well known for its authentic and glorious Mexican food. Furthermore, San Miguelito collects and offers arts and crafts from several states of the Mexican Republic that are true jewels.