Rojo Pitaya

Rojo Pitaya is a growing micro-business founded by Christophe Carlier and Guadalupe Tafoya who work every day to develop new designs and to generate employment for the people from the community of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. Each piece is handmade with a traditional manufacturing process. The production starts with a sketch that is later modeled on clay, then the clay is cooked, painted and varnished. A final touch is given at the assembling workshop, where they mount the pieces. To complement each piece, they use materials like stones, suede or leather. Rojo Pitaya currently has two major collections:  The Mexican collection inspired by Mexican folklore themes like “catrinas”, hearts, Frida Kahlo, and watermelons. The second collection, is a contemporary collection that is inspired by design and color with a Mexican touch that at the same time is considered universal.