Rhodium Plated Dolphin and Volcanic Stone Large Bracelet


W3 Wide World of Whales

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World of Whales is part of your ocean adventure, voyage or experience. Wide World of Whales is a brand with a concept inspired by marine animals, which was born from a present given in 2004 to Patricia Bernal, designer and owner of the brand, from her mother. A silver whale pendant personally designed for Patricia due her love and curiously towards whales. This cherished present was an inspiration and triggered ideas that were carefully developing with dedication until such ideas turned into high quality thematic jewelry and a combination of fine Mexican crafts and the marine life. Wide World of Whales is a jewelry collection targeted to nature lovers, tourists, scientists, environmentalists and conservationists, to the ocean studies and its animals, for respect and culture and to identify oneself with the marine life. This is the result of creative ideas and a thorough process of material selection, combined with art to create unique pieces of jewelry for all ages and nationalities. Patricia and her husband have traveled to several countries to “see” whales and other marine animals (Whale Watch sites), which allows them to learn more about these animals and their habitat. It is worth mentioning that Mexico, is a proud and world famous “Whale Sanctuary” where whales are protected and studied. This bracelet has a rhodium plated pewter dolphin charm and it is made of volcanic stone.

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W3 Wide World of Whales

W3 Wide World of Whales is inspired by the Mexican marine fauna, especially in whales, dolphins and other marine animals. Since 2006, the company investigated natural markets to commercialize its thematic jewelry all over the world and ever since, it has identified to the fullest the areas of commercial opportunity for its products. They have traveled to sites with whales sighting spots to know more about these marine animals and their environment. Some of the locations they have visited abroad include Norway Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Faroe Islands and Shetland Islands, Alaska, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay in California and within the country: Mexico, Loreto, Los Cabos, and La Paz in South Baja California. They have studied and learnt about these marine animals to be able to replicate them as accurately as possible in jewelry and Talavera to create handicrafts made of good quality, with a good finish and well cared so they can be accepted by the marine animal’s lovers in every part of the world.