White Linen Chiapas Shirt with hand embroidery in bright colors, size 39.


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Paco Mayorga

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Spanish linen white Chiapas shirt with hand embroidery in bright colors. Made in the San Juan Chamula, Chiapas region, size 39. If you don’t see your size you can order your Paco Mayorga shirt by sending us your specific measures.

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Paco Mayorga

Paco Mayorga’s collections stand out for the vibrant colors that reflect the intensity of the Chiapaneco tropic. Paco Mayorga is inspired and uses ethnic fabrics elaborated with ancestral techniques by indigenous craftsmen of different ethnic groups of the state of Chiapas, which are fused with materials and fabrics of last fashion in haute couture and, with the most avant-garde western fashion trends, 

Member of FashionGroup International of Mexico City based in New York City, as well as designer of the wedding dress that actress Maite Perroni used in the final chapter of the telenovela “Mi Pecado”, 2010 Televisa.

is designs have been published in state and national magazines and newspapers, such as the magazine “Kena”, “Nupcias”, “HOLA”, and the newspaper “El Universal”, among others.