RAMBUU was founded 14 years ago. During its early days, they did not have clear ideas about what they were looking for when creating designs with small hand embroidered motifs from some parts of the State. After one and a half years, they started defining a brand name and the path their company would take. They thought about opening stores in different parts of the State in order to distribute production, which was not much at that time. They only had one seamstress and three embroiderers. The first store opened in Teoposca, one year later, another one opened in San Cristóbal, and two years later one more in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. By then, RAMBUU had three seamstresses and 10 embroiderers and its workshop was in good shape. Due to the complexity of the production process and how hard it was to take care of each one of the stores, the store in Tuxtla closed. But the one in San Cristóbal started with a wholesale strategy selling clothes to people from other states, and that is how production is still standing and improving. In 2009, a downturn hits the company due to the recession worldwide. This made the company close the store in San Cristóbal de las Casas. One tough bullet to chew but with a positive income. RAMBUU decreased in its production but not its growth, that is why that same year, their vision is amended and new things regarding design are made. The brand keeps its line but adds it a more colorful and stylish touch. During the early days of 2011, RAMBUU defined its catalog of products to begin with the production process and present it before the Marca Chiapas in order to obtain the distinctive seal that would mean their items passed through a strict high quality process during their production. The catalog is accepted without any negatives. That year and to this day, RAMBUU retakes the wholesale strategy to sell their products to people in general and events. Their objective is to become a 100% responsible company. RAMBUU is a company comprised by women who are house wives and who have children. This is why the company decided to create a home-based manufacturing plant, which is a bit complex for the internal handling, but that benefits women, as they do not have a schedule to meet or a workload to fulfill. Each one of them are able to decide how much they want to work without having to neglect their family duties and times. RAMBUU is aware of the importance of a united family within the society and women being part of the support provided to their families. Women working with RAMBUU are trained to raise awareness about the importance of quality, not just for the work they do with the clothing items but their daily lives to improve them. RAMBUU has a team that is not just a bunch of people working, we are close to one and other and we are constantly helping them to meet their needs with what we have here. At the headquarters located in the city of Teopisca, Chiapas, we only have four women who work from 9:00am to 2:00 pm, which are the times their children are at school. During the afternoon, they decided if they want to take their work home or not, which means they’d be getting paid for overtime. By the end of 2014 we were able to grow as we have never in the history of our company. This year, we increase our personnel from 20 embroiderers to 35 and from 3 seamstresses to 9. RAMBUU has a total of 44 employees, three of them are handicapped and 4 are seniors. In the future, we want to give these kind of individuals more priority, as they do not need much training. They have no doubt of their purpose or where they want to go, because they can proudly say RAMBUU is one of the first companies to produce what is known now as stylized traditional clothing items. They do not copy from other brands, as each clothing item has its own and unique style; this implies increasing labor work of embroiderers to produce big amounts of products in different locations. One of this company’s objective is to take what it is made in Chiapas to reach all Mexican Republic.  To do that, they started participating in prestigious events where they are able to show their work. As a medium-term plan, RAMBUU wants to reach the European market, because they know our country’s handmade work is very much appreciated in such part.