Pozol powder with cocoa to prepare beverages, 1.1 lb.


Tia Chalvi

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Many years ago, cocoa and corn combined to become one of the most original beverages in the country: Pozol, a corn based powder used to prepare a common, traditional and ancestral high demand beverage made in Berriozabal, Chiapas. It contains all natural ingredients and it is very nutritious. To the indigenous people, the Pozol was the drink of virility, strength and courage. Pozol, a traditional and natural powder with nixtamalized corn, cocoa, sugar and cinnamon used to prepare refreshing beverages with water or milk. It comes in a 1.1 lb. resealable bag.

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Tia Chalvi

Tía Chalvi is a company founded in 2006 by Diego Fagoaga and Rosalba Gómez. The brand Tía Chalvi was born in her honor due to all the delicious recipes she used to prepare. Tía Chalvi seeks to boost traditional products using the ancestral recipe of Rosalba’s mother. The company is created after people’s need to consume traditional farm derived quality products. Tía Chalvi is always looking to improve the variety of its products by innovating and fulfilling different food production quality regulations without having to lose the handmade touch that characterizes its products.