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Powo Kani

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Powo Kani is a company based in Michoacan, its name is the result of the tribute to two different and emblematic Mexican cultures: The Mayan and Purépecha cultures. To Powo Kani, the Mayan culture contains a mysticism that seizes you, and it is attracted by its history, culture, architecture, etc. On the other hand, the Purépecha culture settled in Michoacan, which is the home place of these businessmen. Both cultures provide several elements, which are used by the company to create their collections, along with the influence of other Mexican cultures and towns. The word “Powo” comes from the Mayan “Bag”, the first and main collection of the company is bags. The word “Kani” comes from the Purépecha “Corn”. These two words put together became the name of the company, because its first collection was of bags made of corn-based fabric. To Powo Kani, corn is one of the most emblematic elements of Mexico, for which they decided to keep using it, and with the pass of the time they started creating jewelry with 14K gold plated metalized corn leaves. This necklace has pieces of blue Czech crystals, and it is made of black rayon shawl from Michoacan made in a treadle loom.

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Powo Kani

Powo means bag in Maya and Kani means corn leaf in Purepecha, the founders chose the name as their first products were bags made out of corn leaves that were woven and corn is considered to be one of the most representative foods of Mexico.

Powo Kani is a company formed by a group of artisans who are dedicated to creating personal accessories made out of natural fibers fused with various materials. They seek to rescue their traditions as each one of their pieces is handmade. Their line has avant-garde details, it is fashionable and with a Mexican influence, which gives it its uniqueness. Their products are not mass produced and they are very focused on their outstanding quality, good taste and details.