Cinnamon flavored amaranth and oatmeal dietary supplement


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"Naturally from Chiapas". Polienergéticos makes all-natural and preservatives free powdered food with grains and seeds to prepare beverages. 17.63oz bag of all-natural dietary supplement to prepare energy drinks, made with oatmeal, amaranth, cinnamon, iron and folic acid. Ideal against mild constipation and to control cholesterol levels and triglycerides. It strengthens bones and teeth and it is an excellent supplement during pregnancy and lactation.

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This company was created after some producers started producing amaranth but they did not have the means to trade it. As a consequence of that, they started an analysis for the processing of amaranth and other seeds. This is how Polienergeticos was legally established in July 5, 2001 with currently 9 shareholders. The scope of this company is the processing of grains and seeds based products. They trade their products in self-service shops, drug stores, OXXO chain store and Instituto Casa Chiapas. Polienergéticos, S. de R.L. MI was founded in 2000 and it is comprised by 5 women and 2 young entrepreneurs. It is currently formed by 30 shareholders, of which 24 are women. The company's main business is the production of amaranth based natural food.  Their main objective is to boost the organic amaranth production in Chiapas, prevent migration and fight poverty and malnutrition, transform amaranth in production zones, and consume it by including it in school breakfast programs. Products made are: Amaranth Plus, Rice Horchata and Amaranth with Chocolate and bee’s honey. The slogan of this company is: We are what you need to have a healthy life.