Oro Maya

Café Oro Maya comes from the region of Soconusco, located in Sierra Madre de Chiapas. Thanks to its fertile soil of volcanic origin and its perfect weather conditions, it produces one of the best soft and finest coffees. It is recognized by its delicate flavor and scent, and these important characteristics are enhanced with cultivation methods such as shade, organic fertilizer and the natural pest and weed control without chemicals. When you consume this product, you are helping agriculture to be more sustainable hence, the soil, water and biodiversity of the region are preserved, as well as farmers who depend on this occupation to support their families.

In 1967, Walter Peters exported the first biodynamic organic coffee shipment to Europe, which allowed him to become the worldwide pioneer who produced a chemical-free coffee in Finca Irlanda, located in the region of Soconusco, Tapachula, Chiapas. From that moment, such coffee is made under strict production regulations. The Demeter bio-dynamic process was developed in the 50’s and 60’s at Finca Irlanda, in Soconusco by Dr. Steiner and Mr. Peters, who was the owner of the property. This technique is built upon the natural relationship between flora, fauna and cosmos. It takes advantage of the moon phases for the seeding and harvesting of coffee white being completely environmentally-friendly. There is no alteration in the ecosystem, because coffee trees are planted and grown as if they were “wild”, but they are being constantly monitored so they can develop appropriately. Every once in a while, coffee is irrigated with water treated with medicinal plants of the zone to protect them against plagues and to improve their photosynthesis, and chamomile, dandelion and stinging nettle are planted around the coffee trees to help them in different ways. The result, is a high quality coffee with no side effects such as heartburn, tachycardia, palpitations, migraines, bloating, etc.

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