Organic Vanilla Extract from Papantla. 120mL Bottle

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Gaya is widely known as the maker of the original Mexican vanilla. Many chefs and home cooks consider this to be the finest vanilla which is also organic and Kosher certified. Since 1877, the Gaya family has been growing and harvesting these orchid based plants producing the finest vanilla in the world. Add this Mexican vanilla extract your baking, beverages or even use as a natural vanilla fragrance. 

120mL bottle of organic vanilla extract (sweetened), one-fold strength. From Papantla, Mexico

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Their history dates back as far as 1873 when Gaya family’s ancestor, Don Domingo Gaia Tossi founded the first enterprise of the most famous vanilla bean in Veracruz. 25 years later in 1898, the tradition continued when the Gaya family built the first oven for curing vanilla beans, which is still in use to this day! Gaya Vai-Mex is a local and self-sustainable company that promotes Mexican vanilla from the region of Totonacapan in the state of Veracruz. Their expanding organization is strongly committed to the vanilla industry. It has solid relationships with the field workers of Totonacapan and production activity is very important for them. This commitment implies the rebirth of vanilla cultivation in that region that consolidates centuries of production; the chain of which Gaya Vai-Mex is a fundamental link that supports and promotes the vanilla industry.