Nativa Hand Embroidered Orange "Vagon" Bag



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After working in indigenous shelters, Gabriela Vargas Pineda decided to start a clothing line and that is how Nativa was founded in Michoacan. This Company works with artisans from Michoacan, Chiapas, Oaxaca, State of Hidalgo, State of Mexico and Guatemala, and its design and manufacturing workshop is located in Morelia, Michoacan. Nativa provides several groups of embroiderers with jobs and tries to keep those sources of employment, this also allows people to know about their history, customs and traditions through the designs, adding value to the pieces of work each artisan creates with their hands. Their designs show the fashion trends according to the time of the year of the designs, they have an explanation of the embroidery they represent, and they are decorated with charms or totems, which makes them unique pieces. This hand embroidered bag belongs to the Vagón collection. It represents La Fiesta en el Rancho: Mexico is characterized by its music and happiness. Mexican people take any opportunity to have a party. The good mood, food and music are the main event. This bag is made in orange fabric. Measurements: 17.2”X5.1”X9”

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Susana Vargas Pineda used to work at indigenous shelters, where she got the idea of starting a line of products using textiles made by indigenous women from different regions of Mexico. This is now Nativa was born, a company from Michoacán with design and manufacturing workshops in Morelia. Nativa provides employment to various communities of indigenous women who embroider traditional pieces from their regions allowing them to preserve their tradition and customs. Each piece is unique and a work of art, and also the inspiration for the entire bag. Nativa also follows fashion trends adding always authentic Mexican details which are also accompanied by amulets so each bag is a unique piece.