Mixxe’s is a company in Oaxaca founded in January 2004. They are dedicated to produce preserves with a homemade taste using natural ingredients, most of them from the state of Oaxaca. When combined they achieve a unique and premium quality flavor and are free of preservatives. The company was created with the intention of preserving Oaxacan cuisine and adding a gourmet touch to family recipes.

Alicia Palma Alvarado, founder of the company has studies in chemistry, bacteriology and parasitology. She started elaborating products in her kitchen in smaller amounts. In time, orders began to increase, which lead her to establish a factory.

Compared to other similar products, Mixxe’s products are recognized for their quality and their  fresh ingredients as they are made with extra virgin olive oil, which provides great nutritional value. These are 100% natural and handmade products, its ingredients include pasilla peppers from Oaxaca, carrots, garlic, onion, vinegar, raw creole and spices. It is baked in a clay oven with oak firewood and it also has a Kosher Certification.