Corn twists, 8.81 oz.


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Frituras Rincón Tarasco

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Rincón Tarasco is a brand full of tradition with a well set up experience in snacks and their flavor. The company makes a variety of high quality products, which are made with innovative and hygienic processes executed by highly qualified personnel. 8.81oz bag of spicy corn sticks made with corn meal, vegetable oil, salt and chili.

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Frituras Rincón Tarasco

The real snack. More than 20 years ago, Mr. Manuel Ávila Ortiz founded the company Chicharrones y Frituras Rincón Tarasco. What began as a small family business selling carnitas and pork rinds in a corner of Tuxtla is now a self-sufficient industry proudly from Chiapas that provides employment to more than 70 families. The best and widest line of snacks with accessible prices and made with high quality materials. “One hundred percent from Chiapas”. A brand full of tradition and with a deep-rooted culture based in the good flavor of fried snacks and pork rinds from Chiapas. Its origins are built with values that characterize the distribution of pork rinds and each one of its products. Rincón Tarasco is a brand that also means quality and variety.