Maya Ixu

Maya Ixu Natural Dermo-cosmetics. The benefits of the Mexican Phytocosmetics at the service of your beauty. To Mayans, nature is not dead, to them, nature is governed by intelligent and sacred principles, each plant, each animal, and each mineral has its own element which in turn, is governed by supreme beings. Ixu is the Mayan Goddess of the Moon who represents the male and female eternal principle… she is the Mother Goddess associated to the moon, femininity, love, beauty, wisdom and nature… Maya Ixu is a Dermo-cosmetics line that uses the ancient Mayan herbalism and combines it with more advanced cosmetic techniques to develop a line of products that uses as active ingredients the same properties found in Mexican plants and fruits. This company makes facial and body treatments that due its innovative formula penetrate deep into the skin, biochemically modifying its nutrients, thereby giving excellent results.