Maya Flavor

Grupo Industrial Mocho SC. de RL. is committed to strengthen and promote actions that will allow: good health for consumers, the use of sustainable natural resources and the full development of individuals and communities through the sale of their products. It is rather important to them that consumers know the attributes of MAYA Flavor products, and the positive effects they provide to the health of the body, so they can enjoy the products according to their lifestyle with confidence. Raw materials used in MAYA Flavor products pass through a strict quality control that guarantees that its cultivation and production are environmentally-friendly. With this, they are able to preserve the soil, flora and fauna. They also have a strict control regarding the traditions and cultures of the regions where their products are made.

MAYA Flavor was founded in April of 2004. Its main activity is the trade of products made in Chiapas with Organic Certification and Fair Market Value like coffee, honey, chocolate, etc. * MAYA Flavor ™ * is based in Chiapa de Corzo. It is managed by experts in food processing and promoters of sustainable development in regions of the State of Chiapas with high marginalization.

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