Maya Drink

Comercializadora Maya Drink is a Company that produces cereals with unique ingredients such as oatmeal, cactus, linseed, soy, amaranth, fiber and soy milk. In 1988, the company started as Traditional Maya Drink in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, and it had only two employees. Its short-term objective was to be locally recognized for the quality of its products. As their production grew; in November 17, 2006 they became Comercializadora y Empacadora Maya Drink, S. de R.L. which made them implement a market expansion system, hire more employees, get more investments to buy modern machinery.

As their products began to be accepted in local markets, they knew it was time to apply their vision. In 2009, they opened a local establishment in Toluca, State of Mexico to trade products and start having better logistics. Plans were not only to spread their products in the region, but to make their products known on a national level.

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