Black Clay and Multi-Circle Sterling Silver Necklace


Mariana Barranco

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Mariana Barranco Joyeria Artesanal was founded in 2009 with the objective of creating jewelry made only of black clay and silver, creating unique designs and preserving the traditional techniques used for decorative pieces of these materials. Mariana Barranco has grown due the usage of different materials originally from the state of Oaxaca, such as the hand engraved and carved calabash that decorates its jewelry and preserves the handcrafted touch. All pieces maintain the natural differences and variants of each material used, making them unique by also adding a high quality work in .925 silver. Mariana Barranco Joyeria Artesanal is committed to support artisan families by designing pieces that encourage the promotion of our roots and culture, and developing authentic and unique pieces…true jewels. This necklace with chain and pendant belongs to the “Dorados” collection, which is a mixture of natural materials in calabash and black clay with golden-and-silver-filled metals. Made of traditional black clay from Oaxaca on a multi-circular silver-mount.

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Mariana Barranco

Mariana Barranco, Handcrafted Jewelry is a trademark based in Oaxaca that seeks the re-interpretation of handcrafting techniques made of natural products like black mud and carved small cups to turn them into a jewel.  Mariana works with artisans from Oaxaca and diverse foundations looking to provide employment for women who are fully in charge of their homes, and to groups of people from different towns who receive a fair compensation for their products without a middleman trying to take advantage of their vulnerability in business and sometimes the language. With Mariana’s experience handling metal and professional personnel in the jewelry trade, they transform these pieces into unique jewelry pieces with original designs. Their pieces are generally for sale in museums, galleries and specialized boutiques where these pieces make handicrafts stand out.