Handmade Large Sphere Covered with Seeds with Solar Eclipse Motif


María de los Ángeles Soberanes

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“Turning Nature into Art” is the concept María de los Ángeles Soberanes (“MAS”) reflects in her creations. Over 10 years ago in Mexico City and as a hobby, she started creating different pieces with basic designs using seeds to give them away as presents for her friends. Eventually, her friends began to request her work to also give them as presents, and they started to recommend her, generating an increase in the production. During the last couple years, Ma. de los Ángeles Soberanes tried new creations using a variety of seeds, looking for a different visual effect so the design was not only a combination of textures and colors. This is how she realized she could create unique designs with different seeds, which allowed her to use in her designs, products from the nature, turning them into art, which she denominated “Natural State” or “Estados Naturales” in Spanish. Nowadays, she is trying to express images that connect the visual image with elements from the nature, such as seeds by combining shapes, designs and colors to produce a unique piece. Her inspiration arises from the search of means to express the balance and the connection with different shapes and images. Her motivation is the creation of pieces applying elements from the nature that coexist with the human being, and to identify them with the environment and the care for the planet. Therefore, her work is looking for a way to combine art with nature. The balance of the mind, body, soul and nature regenerate our universal energy and puts us back into our natural state of harmony. The stars are the only bodies in the universe that radiate light, the Son is the closest star to Earth, and the largest element in our Solar System, it is also the main source of energy essential for life on Earth. This polystyrene Solar Effect sphere is covered in black beans, corn and haricot beans. It is finished with spray lacquer and its base is a plastic ring covered in black ribbon.

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María de los Ángeles Soberanes

Maria de los Angeles is a house wife who 10 years ago started creating decorative accessories using seeds. Back then, she used to give them to her friends and family as gifts, and with the pass of the time people started contacting her to buy her very unique spheres. She has always been creating new designs and at one point, she decided to start MAS which is her company under the motto “Transforming Nature into Art”. During the last 5 years, she started experimenting with other shapes and materials as she expanded the variety of seeds used that resulted on different visual effects. Her main purpose was to transform nature elements into art, which she achieved in her latest collection named “States of Nature”, made by one or more pieces together. Her inspiration comes from creating art that expresses balance the same way nature does. She also believes in working towards a balance between mind, body, soul and nature to achieve a state of harmony, which regenerates universal energy. She is also very passionate about taking care of our planet.