Magenta Oaxaca Bag


Lørdag & Søndag

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The Oaxaca tote-backpack is a piece half built in Oaxaca and half in Guanajuato.

First the body is woven using a foot pedal by artisans Horacio Mendoza and his wife Fermina Ruiz in the town of Teotitlán del Valle. Horacio is part of the sixth generation of loom workers in his family, he told us his ancestors switched to weaving wool after the Spaniards brought this material during the conquista, before they would use only cotton.

Fermina and Horacio dye all the wool in their own home with only natural dyes that come from plants and insects. Mustard colour comes from the flower of the Tagetes Lucida plant, magenta from cochineal, blue from the stem and leaves of the Indigo plant, black from pomegranate peel, and nude and grey are natural hues of the wool.

Horacio is in charge of the weaving process, it takes him two days to finish one single piece, then Fermina helps him close up the bag by stitching the sides.

The second part of the process takes place in León, Guanajuato, where the vegetable tanned leather pieces are added to the body by great leather artisans.

12.99" x 18.11"  x 2.36"

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Designed and made in Mexico through the vision of Salvador Compañ, every piece merges clean aesthetics with timeless designs and environmentally friendly materials. 

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