Macadamia Industrias de Ocosingo

Macadamia Industrias de Ocosingo is a company based in Chiapas dedicated to the production and trade of macadamia nuts (considered the queen of nuts) and seeds of this dried fruit. The process begins with the purchase of the fruit, then it is cleaned in plastic containers and dried on a hopper to later passed through a cracker, after that, the nutshells are removed, then the whole nuts and pieces are selected and roasted with different ingredients.

Macadamia nut is originally from Australia; it has a high nutritional content and it is considered as the finest nut in the world. In Chiapas, the consumption of this nut is starting to increase. This delicious combination of dulce de leche with macadamia nuts gives a special touch to any dessert. It is 100% natural and nutrient-rich due to its Omega 7 content. Macadamia nuts provide heart-healthy benefits and properties that help the cardiovascular system for being rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids. Although each variety of these nuts provide specific benefits and properties, in general, they are ideal to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system for being rich in unsaturated fat, proteins, vitamins and minerals. But to enjoy these benefits, it is rather important that nuts are organic and that they are consumed raw; this means that it is not recommended to eat them cooked, because cooking them will destroy its nutritional benefits.

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