Luchadores Set of 6 Puzzles



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The idea behind Jati, based in Queretaro, revolves around the creation of stores where Mexican arts and crafts are dignified, and where they can be placed in spaces specially designed and created to display pieces from both workshops. Now, after 4 years, Jati stores are closer to their clients by being present in 10 cities of Mexico. Today, Jati is more than just two workshops, they are reaching further by uniting their strengths, creativity, teams and history, because they consider an honor to continue with the traditional and creative craftsmanship from Mexico, and thereby represent Mexico in the world of Popular Art. This Wrestlers Jigsaw Puzzle set of 6 belongs to the Wrestlers collection [Luchadores], where artisans turn wood and color into life and joy and add it to these traditional characters from the Mexican Wrestling. Made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), hand cut and painted and decorated with acrylic.

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Jati, “Handmade Color”. Jati is a company that believes in design, in its contribution and value that derives from the creation of new lines, collections, identity, and definition of the brand, among others. Jati was founded in 2006, when Tablarte and El Quetzal Taller decided to undertake an adventure together; their history however, began a few years ago. El Quetzal Workshop was founded in 1986 by Fernando Sarvide, in San José Iturbide, Guanajuato. From the start, this workshop found a way to express creativity and the Mexican traditions in jigsaw puzzles. It is a space where every member gets involved in an artistic creation, so the final product is a harmonious result made by several hands and thoughts. El Quetzal Taller managed to develop a very particular technique that makes every jigsaw puzzle unique. In order to maintain a handicraft tradition and give each piece an original touch, most of its pieces are handmade. Tablarte was founded in 1998 by Ángeles Santos and Odilia Martínez, in Tequisquiapan, Querétaro, in order to satisfy their entrepreneurial spirit. They managed to develop very original products characterized by their delicate style, thanks to the combination of designs and personal techniques with traditional craftsmanship techniques from Mexico. They even ventured in the world of handmade souvenirs. Their products are very attractive to foreigners who visit our country. Both companies looked for a way to include people from vulnerable sectors of the society to their teams and managed to make their workshops an employment opportunity for many women from rural areas, allowing them to stay in their places of origin. Eventually, both companies decided to work together, creating in 2006, the first Jati store in Bernal, Querétaro.