Kekua Basket of Handmade Mexican Chocolate with Almonds


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Chocolates Kekua

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This delicious chocolate is handmade in a flat oblong stone called “metate”. This product is made with cocoa beans, almonds and sugar. All the ingredients are 100 % natural, which gives this chocolate its unique flavor. This delicious balls of chocolate with almonds are packed into a handmade knitted basket that gives the final product a great touch of Mexican traditions. This authentic Mexican chocolate is made the traditional way by grinding all natural ingredients with a metate.

Due the desire to preserve the original elaboration of Traditional Chocolate, Kekua is founded in Patzcuaro, Michoacan where you can still taste the flavors of Mexico prior the conquest. 


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Chocolates Kekua

“Chocolate is so sacred that you grind it on your knees, you stir it with your hands together and you look at heaven to drink it”

Kekua Michoacana is a company that has been using for the last 10 years the original method of preparing traditional Mexican Chocolate. The company was born in Patzcuaro where you can still taste the flavors of Mexico before the Spanish conquest. The metate Kekua Chocolate is handmade with 100% natural ingredients.