Uinhapikua Set of Earrings, Bracelet and Necklace from Santa Clara del Cobre



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The D’artesano Company under the leadership of Sinuhe Hernández Cervantes is been located in the Municipality of Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan since 2001. Its main and current activity is the production of handicrafts and metals. The Company has a reputation for being one of the biggest companies in such Municipality and for providing employment to the people from Santa Clara del Cobre, which makes it a highly competitive company. During its early years, D’artesano opened its doors to the public as a store dedicated exclusively to the promotion of religions images and similar objects. With the pass of the time, the owners realized the possibility to distribute copper handicrafts. Due to the good relationships with several artisans, the idea seemed to be a solid alternative for the business development. And this is how they started producing new copper products, which attracted new clients who liked the handicrafts offered in the store, among which the jewelry line inspired by the pre-Hispanic cultures was displayed. This necklace, earrings and bracelet set is made of copper and the pieces represent a tribute to the Purepecha strength. The Purépecha belong to a pre-Columbian culture from Mexico that was born mainly in the Eastern region of the state of Michoacán.

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D'Arte-Sano is a company founded in April of 2001 in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán dedicated to the production of copper pieces 100% handmade by artisans in the region using ancient techniques that have been used since the time of American colonization. When it started it sold only religious images and because of their relationship with many copper artisans they started to expand their line. They had great success and decided to open a small workshop and had 3 artisans working there, now the workshop has expanded and they have over 40 artisans who master the art of working with copper. They have the widest range of copper products, from sinks to jewelry and they also work on design and they adapt products to customer’s needs.