Tie Matte Necklace with Silver Choker



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Azure cares about you. Azure is a company based in Mexico D.F. under the leadership of Carlos Augusto Rendón that focuses on the design, production and trade of silver contemporary jewelry that reflects the ancient work from our ancestors. Azure is inspired by the color of the sea; the serenity of that blue that irradiates spirituality. It is inspired by the experiences and memories or each individual that lead them to a new way of thinking, doing, feeling and interpreting life, such inspiration is reflected in the elegance of metal. Its designs are inspired by people like you. Azure does not label people, they see them just as they see their limited edition collections, unique and different. “In Azure we think, feel and live like you, this is our DNA and we want you to be part of it through our designs”. The “Feelings” collection reflects this piece of the world we live in and it is inspired by Mexico; its streets, colors, people, chaos and daily life. Each piece represents an experience, a feeling, an emotion, and the heartbeats of one of the biggest cities in the world. This tie necklace in .925 silver with matte finish and a fine silver choker belong to the “Feelings” collection. In this collection, a tie, one of men’s common accessories becomes a feminine and delicate accessory for women.

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During a trip to the Riviera Maya, the deep blue color of the ocean became the inspiration for Azure. The tranquility of the blue (“azure”) ocean led Azure to a new way of thinking, doing, feeling and explaining which they convey through their elegant metalwork and design. The color of the sea, the tranquility of blue that generates spirituality, the resurgence of beings through experiences leads Azure to a new way of thinking, doing, feeling and explaining, are conveyed through the elegance of metal as an element of inspiration. These designers and makers, based in Mexico City, deeply believe that each piece of limited edition collections are as unique as each of the people who wear these handcrafted pieces.