Tanya Moss Gold Multi Monarch Butterfly Necklace


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Tanya Moss

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“One of Tanya Moss’s pieces, is a jewel to wear forever”. Tanya Moss is a renowned designer based in Mexico City. She specialized in design and manufacturing of jewelry at Southern Illinois University. She is one of the most important jewelry manufacturers in Mexico who combines her art with commercial success. Her work includes a fresh and innovative style that combines the roots of the rich artistic heritage of Mexico with the sophistication and versatility of her own design ideas. In 2003, she created her emblematic butterfly, which represents the freedom Tanya reflects in her designs. The butterfly soon became the logo and face of the brand, and started to appear in most of her designs as a witness of the freedom and individuality transmitted by the jewels. Tanya stands out due the originality and authenticity of her designs. Her work is exclusively made in gold, silver and natural stones. Additionally, she has a solid social responsibility and generates sources of employment in Mexico. Her collections develop around a subject or a main concept they are based on. The pieces are in charge of telling “the story” of the collection where they belong to. The Monarch Butterfly arrived from Canada to the protected sanctuaries of our country to spend the winter. This collection is a tribute to life and to one of the many symbols that represent the richness of the Mexican nature. This delicate necklace belongs to this collection. Made of 8 gold-filled .925 sterling silver monarch butterflies and chain

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Tanya Moss

Tanya Moss has been passionate for jewelry as far as back as she can remember. Since childhood she conceived pieces and accessories with homemade materials. Years later, when she studied graphic design at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City she started to get involved in the design and manufacture of jewelry as an after school activity. Tanya had the chance to participate in a student exchange program with Southern Illinois University where she studied design and manufacturing of jewelry under the charge of Richard Mawsdley and other talented professors. Later, in 1993 when she finished her studies she started her trajectory as designer in a professional way. Since then, Tanya has tried to transmit, through her pieces, her love for jewelry. Her work incorporates a fresh and innovative style that combines the roots from a rich artistic heritage from Mexico with the sophistication and versatility of her own ideas for designs.