Gallic rose, set of earrings, ring and pin in silver and amber.


Victoria Mayela

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The floral collection is targeted to women who like to wear excellent, exclusive, designer and certified items to highlight their own elegance, beauty and uniqueness. Amber from Chiapas is a fossilized resin that has been produced for millions of years by Hymenaea trees. It is considered a natural fossilized antibiotic that provides healing properties when in contact with the skin. The ancient Mayan civilization used to call it Pauch, "ocean's foam" and ever since, it has been used as an energy vessel because it absorbs negative energy and turns it into positive energy. Fossilized insects and plants can be found inside this resin, and due to its transparency and variety of colors, amber from Chiapas is considered one of the most beautiful types of amber in the world. Each one of these pieces have unique characteristics. Set of gallic rose earrings, brooch pin and adjustable ring in .925 silver, and a drop pendant in amber

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Victoria Mayela

Vitoria Mayela defines herself as an entrepreneur and an innovative woman who in every design wants to show the work made by each one of artisans that work with her, as well as the creative process of each one of the pieces they make. In 2010 she founded her company due to the lack of amber’s added value and to rescue this resin and share all its benefits with exclusive designs and collections that rescue and represent our beautiful State of Chiapas. Victoria Mayela is dedicated to the design and production of fine jewelry in silver and amber under the brand “Victoria Mayela”. This brand has the Marca Chiapas, Mexico Original certificate.