Constellations Upsala Long Earrings in Sterling Silver and Crystal Beads in Dark Grey


Taller Serra

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Taller Serra was founded due to the interest and pleasure of handcrafting contemporary jewelry. Based in Mexico City, their work stands out for its unique and avant-garde design pieces, combining traditional metalwork and knitting of silver and crystal beads in an innovative manner, without forgetting our Mexican arts and crafts. Its pieces are very wanted, cherished, and handcrafted by Designer Cynthia Serrano, who along with her production team (which is an essential part of Taller Serra), work together, coexist, and talk about their lives, while at the same time their hands and eyes focus on each piece. Nowadays, Taller Serra products are distributed among high-category sites, offering the final buyer a unique and high quality item. Taller Serra stands out for being original and offering high quality products, its creations match any taste, they are easy to wear, and they have a functional and trendy style, which allows the user to wear among their other jewelry one that reflects the Mexican style combined with the best of jewelry worldwide. These beautiful piece belongs to the new Constellation Collection.

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Taller Serra

Taller Serra is a workshop of jewelry makers led by the skilled and experienced designer, Cynthia Serrano. Taller Serra, based in Mexico City, is inspired by the techniques of a Mexican handicrafts heritage. The team creates unique pieces of jewelry beautifully textured with metalwork and stunning pieces of crystal. The woven patterns pervasive throughout Mexico remain the inspiration for these widely admired pieces of jewelry found in the best boutiques and museums throughout Mexico and beyond.