Bean Shaped Silver Earrings


Dalia Pascal

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"The search of harmony and what is permanent, of what is aesthetically perfect and imperfect, of something that is not ruled by fashion standards only, but becomes part of you". These are the ideals of the creations of Dalia Pascal, based in the State of Mexico, which incorporate the perfection of silver and gemstones to ancient techniques to create true artworks, when reinvented into a fashionable product, they display striking showy jewels. These sterling silver.925 earrings belong to the "Colorines" collection. The coral bean is a typical seed from Latin America, it has a very specific tone of red and a very special brightness. 

This collection was created by combining this single element with silver to produce elegant and classy products.

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Dalia Pascal

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Dalia arrives to Mexico during her adolescence, which was an experience that defined her life. The exposure to colors, scents, flavors, music and handicrafts impacted her career as a designer. She studied Graphic Design and then pursued studies in jewelry-making, where she discovered a completely different world as she started modeling silver. At first, Dalia used to create contemporary jewelry collections, then she realized she was surrounded by Mexican handicrafts that with her touch, she believed would become a totally different design of unique styles with a classy and fashionable touch. It was then when she decided to approach some of Mexico’s most prestigious artisans to create pieces that would keep their techniques and traditional elements intact, but that thanks to her designs, they would be different from anything else in the market. A few years ago, Dalia decided to expand her collection of personal accessories, and she developed a line of handbags combined with embroidery from other Latin-American countries; from agave fibers, to huipiles and moxevales. Dalia Pascal seeks to rescue Mexican artisan values by creating diverse accessories and jewelry. Over the last years, the brand has been gaining reputation around the world, thanks to the many awards Dalia has received and to the several international publications of her line.