Lasso Tubular Bracelet in Sterling Silver


Lourdes Trejo

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Jewelries are not a human accident, but the expression of what we want to say… Lourdes Trejo is a brand that was born to shine through our Mexican Silver and through the excellent quality and tradition that identifies Mexican artisans. Its objective is to make people shine and light up with their external and internal beauty. Lourdes Trejo considers jewelry not only as grams of metal or jewelry stones, but as an accumulation of experiences and emotions coming from an inspiration that can be reflected on a ring or a bracelet, so they can be shared with personal experiences. Its work is made in .925 sterling silver with fine diamond cuts that give each one of the pieces a very original and sparkly finish.  The Lasso Bracelet belongs to the Lazos collection, which is inspired by the continuous lines of a marine rope. Made of .925 sterling silver with a cordon bleu style diamond finish

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Lourdes Trejo

Lourdes Trejo decided to become a jewelry designer since the beginning of her professional life and has designed for many Mexican brands. In 2008, she decided to create her own line. In 2006, she won the first place at the National Contest of Jewelry “Creatividad Brillante” and the second place at the Latino American Contest of Design. Lourdes Trejo has grown and positioned herself as a favorite among customers thanks to her creative designs and high quality pieces made in .925 Silver. Her jewelry can be found in boutiques in the Mexican Caribbean, the state of Zacatecas and the state of Queretaro. Lourdes Trejo is a Mexican brand that helps people stand out from the rest. Their mission is to shine, make people shine and allow them to share that shine with their inner and outer beauty.