Hand-Knitted Wide Black Huichol Bracelet with Sterling Silver Heart


Liz Santa Olalla

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In 2008, Liz Santa Olalla, who had more than 15 years of experience in jewelry, decided to start her own company. For a while, she collaborated with important Mexican jewelry companies such as Joske’s. When she presented a project to the recognized Mexican actress, Yadhira Carrillo for her store “Momentos by Yadhira”, she gave Liz Santa Olalla the idea to start a line for babies, which pushed her to open her own company based on her love for designs in silver and after realizing the recognition of Mexican designers was getting stronger in the jewelry world. This is how Liz Santa Olalla started her first collection made of pearls and silver. Her collection Huichol was created after realizing Mexican handicrafts had a more positive impact among foreigners than Mexicans, which is why she decided to combine her designs in silver with huichol handicrafts. She contacted a Huichol family from the state of Jalisco and managed to create this extraordinary combination of huichol art with her exclusive designs in silver, supporting the elderly during the process, since some of her bracelets are made by them. This is a black bracelet made by huichol artisans with a .925 silver medallion of an exclusive design and a heart in the middle.

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Liz Santa Olalla

Liz Santa Olalla is a business based in Mexico City, dedicated to the design and production of silver jewelry for a female clientele from babies to adulthood. Liz Santa Olalla has been selling her products for the last 3 years. Her first collection was a line for babies and toddlers specially designed for a store called “Momentos”. She is currently working on a project inspired by Mexican roots, working with Otomi and Huichol boys in order to create a collection combining their art with silver. Liz Santa Olalla is an industrial designer that has more than 10 years of experience in the jewelry business with an expertise in silver, gold and jewelry. She has worked with important Mexican jewelers who have helped her to improve her knowledge in the area, which led her to work full time in jewelry making. She loves to design and experiment with different materials beside silver in order to make her collections unique and conceptually different.