Artisela synthetic silk women’s jacket, silver color, woven in a back strap loom.


Instituto Casa de las Artesanías de Chiapas

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Promoting, preserving and disseminating the tangible and intangible heritage of handicrafts in Chiapas involves us all. Developing actions that allow us to recognize, value and enjoy art and the creation of artisans is our way of working together as an Institution. The handicrafts of Chiapas are the closest material object to our history, they realize the enormous cultural diversity of the Chiapanecos in time and in turn they are the correct reference of our culture as creative individuals. The crafts allow us to dream and imagine and to surprise us. The construction of dialogue through visual and creative language with artisans, teaches us the great value of results when we love what is done. Sharing this experience as Chiapanecos unites and enhances us, it shows us that Chiapas is a land of people with the wonderful capacity to put before our eyes what it feels in the skin and the heart.

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Instituto Casa de las Artesanías de Chiapas

Its mission is to promote the development of artisan activities through the promotion of production, promoting the collection, selling in local, national and international markets, preserving and rescuing the historical and socio-cultural elements of the material and intangible heritage of the crafts of the State of Chiapas 

Its vision is to be an institution recognized for the rescue and promotion of handicrafts from Chiapas, which responds effectively and efficiently to the demands of the markets, thus generating a social benefit and a dignified life for those engaged in artisan production.