Iguana 4 Woman Mariachi Keychain in Red


Iguana 4

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Iguana 4 Studio was founded in 2010 in Mexico City, with the objective of creating a functional and environment-friendly design. From the creation of a promotional product to the mounting and production of a full event. Its goal is to offer its clients a creative and sustainable solution that will help increase the value of its brand and reflect its ecological identity. This is possible by optimizing to the maximum the materials and resources used. Each object is designed to have a minimum impact through all its manufacturing stages. Iguana 4 Studio consists of a multidisciplinary team who constantly innovate in each area with a solid commitment towards the environment care. Their constant ideas, creativity and enthusiasm make possible the creation of a new project. This team is comprised by: Juan Manuel Flores, Director-General; Juan Carlos Turner, Design and Production Director; Aldo Jiménez, Business Director; Tannia Salido, Jr. Graphic Designer. These keychains represent the typical Mexican characters that enrich and exalt the country everywhere in the world. Made with 100% recycled materials recovered from industrial productions within and outside Iguana 4 Studio. Made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and acrylic. Measurements: 2.36”x1.96”.

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Iguana 4

Iguana 4 Studio was founded in 2010 in Mexico City with an interest in applying new creative forms in order to adapt their designs to the market needs. They focused on developing sustainable design solutions using innovation when researching raw materials. 80% of the ecological impact of a product is defined during its design, so a well-designed product could save 40% on resources used during its production. As broadcasters, they seek a high degree of social responsibility of sustainable awareness through their products and they generate personal and decorative accessories with very unique designs. Their goal is to design beautiful products with which they can transmit an image and an ecological identity, and their main value consists in offering products with unique designs, shapes, and customization; which are made with environmentally friendly processes and materials.