Hermanos Tequileros Set of Tequila Shot Glasses



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O-Lab establishes as a craftsmanship line that produces design pieces through typical traditional techniques used in our country. O-Lab designs products with personality so users can identify themselves; objects that can put a smile on anyone’s face when revealed, objects that could light up any environment or space. O-Lab was founded in 2009 in Queretaro under the vision of creating a new concept of Mexican ceramics, and the creation of products of a high aesthetic and functional value that can be cherished by consumers. Each O-Lab creation tells its own story. When someone talks about Design, they are talking about a universe that includes different techniques, theories, shapes, etc. O-Lab is an emergent design corporation that seeks to give back value to one material in specific: ceramic. Nowadays, O-Lab is working in design projects and specialized services, as well as in a craftsmanship line that pretends to produce pieces by giving them a local spark, using techniques easily identifiable as “Mexican handicrafts”. Their clients identify themselves with this proposal because they are people who like a good design, people who want to give their homes a special touch and people who understand the concept of the object they have acquired. Tequila brothers… Some days we look so different that we don’t recognize each other, but we are so close like brothers that we came from the same mold. To avoid discussions we better sing “We are all Tequileros”! This tequila shot glass set of 3 is made of lead-free high-temperature enamel ceramic. Measurements 2.17”x5.35”

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O-Lab is a design firm specialized in ceramic, seeking to reassess these materials by proposing new concepts to Mexican design. They create new and different proposals looking to renew craftsmanship from a design approach. They seek solutions that meet the needs of each client working from ideas to a finished piece. They design products with personality with which the user can identify him or herself, objects that may raise a smile to be discovered, which can brighten a mood or give life to a space. The idea of O-Lab was born at the end of 2009 in Mexico because of the vision of 4 women who are industrial designers that wanted to create a new concept through ceramic, products that are very aesthetic high quality and also very functional and that consumers could buy at a reasonable price. Nowadays, the firm is run by three of them who were part of the founding team.