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Fábrica Queretana de Pewter

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Design, style and elegance, Fábrica Queretana de Pewter (FQP), a Company established in Querétaro under the leadership of Adriana Luján Tovar, that seeks to improve the traditions of the State and provide people of the region with employment through the manufacturing of 100% made in Querétaro handicrafts. Its products stand out due their design, style and elegance, besides the quality and personalized customer service it offers. FQP’s mission is to become the launching point of production, sales and exports of pewter in Mexico, and its vision is to manufacture and let the world know about the products made of high quality pewter which are created with innovative processes that satisfy the demands of the clients by committing to their employees, the society and environment. This distinguished cutlery set has a design that will transform the presentation of your dishes.

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Fábrica Queretana de Pewter

The company was founded over 2 years in Queretaro to manufacture products made of pewter using traditional methods but most importantly they employ local artisans. Their main objective is to provide their customers with products that have been designed to be practical, aesthetic and of the highest quality. The taste of Mexican traditions, culture and decorative objects was the trigger to start thinking about a project that would eventually become a company. Their founder had the vision to venture into the craft market and her intention was to lead a project where people from the region would get the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge and then to share it with people from their state, country and eventually the world.