Oaxaca Black Clay Pierced Pot 7"x7"


Alegreea Private Collection

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In Mexico, Oaxaca is well known for preserving many pre-Hispanic traditions. Festivals, rites, dances and most important, the art reflect our roots in the so envied contemporary culture. In Oaxaca there are six thousand mixed and indigenous towns and sixteen ethnic groups that give shelter to more than five thousand artisans who make the best out of their artistic talent and imagination, always preserving the traditional means and techniques. Pottery has become one of the most important activities in years that fulfills two purposes: the production of objects useful for the daily life or simply decorative items. For the second purpose, the world famous and high selling product, Black Clay (or Barro Negro in Spanish) stands out from the rest of the products produced. The black clay comes from the community of San Bartolo Coyotepec, located at 8km from the city of Oaxaca. Black clay is famous for its black mate finish. Its creation is credited to Mrs. Rosa Real de Nieto, who accidentally discovered that ceramic could be polished with quartz, resulting in a smooth and shiny texture. This discovery got her to be recognized from Mexican and foreign artists and collectors. She died In 1980 , but not before passing to her children the secret of the production of this type of clay, secret that will be passed "from generation to generation", they say. 

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