Gray Sanded-Finish Ceramic Vase with Yellow Accent


Yoho Ceramic

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Yoho was founded in 2009 in Mexico City, thanks to the dream of the Designer Manuel Estrada, who is leading the Yoho Ceramic workshop-studio. Yoho’s mission is to produce original, innovative and strategically attractive utility ceramic products; “Out of the ordinary products to satisfy ordinary needs”. Yoho has a products catalog of unique and innovative designs made of high-temperature ceramic; with a figurative baseline that may be exploited with several finishes, from youthful to classy, always maintaining a contemporary design. It also has a design and development service of new products that adapts to client’s needs. Its objective is to become a space for purposeful young people who wish to develop their projects in a conceptual-productive level; and who wish to develop their abilities as designers. A space where alliances with different designers can be built; to strengthen the presence of design in Mexico and internationally. This flower pot with sand gray and yellow finish belongs to the Pisa collection. There is no need to explain the name Pisa, but unlike the Leaning tower, this flower pot will not keep leaning over the pass of time. Made of high-temperature ceramic.

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Yoho Ceramic

“Yoho was born in 2009 with the purpose of becoming a brand recognized by Mexican design” founder Manuel Estrada said. They are in the market to provide general design whether it is industrial design, architectural design, or designing objects. They are conceptual but also do production and it is based on the needs of their clients.  When it comes to designing products they specifically focus on ceramic using the brand YOHO Ceramic. They have all their products in a catalog and they manufactured in high and medium temperature ceramic, with a baseline that can be exploited with different finishes reaching from teens to classic but all with a contemporary design. Yoho’s mission is to produce ceramic objects that are unique, innovating, and that satisfy our client’s daily needs.