Biodegradable, Compostable and Natural Flower Pot



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Ecopilia is a company based in the city of Queretaro. All raw materials used by Ecopilia are local, mainly organic corn waste and bond paper, their processes are clean and with a minimal loss. Bioixim comes from the Greek “bios” (life), “ixim” (corn in Mayan). This material is made from waste, it is biodegradable, compostable, and natural, and it can be reshaped when its shelf life is over. It does not generate unnecessary residue under any circumstances. It can also be molded and colored. This is a biodegradable pot. After using this pot and when the plant is ready to be switched to the garden, it is not necessary to take the plant out of the pot. The pot will become waste that is useful as plant fertilizer. Made of Bioixim (copyright material made of cellulose and corn). Measurements: 11 x 5.5 cm

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Ecopilia is a company based in the city of Querétaro under the leadership of María Gabriela Gutierrez Pliego and Victor Gerardo Martinez Pérez. Ecopilia designs and develops biodegradable decorative products and focuses on the design, manufacture and commercialization of products made of Bioixim, a biodegradable material developed by the company. This material can be applied to several products (building, packing, transportation, decoration) offering competitive properties to the market. Ecopilia offers for sale their own decoration designs and Bioixim manufactured products.  This company seeks to generate and boost the responsible consumption of products through practical and accessible solutions, as well as to promote the creation of harmonious lifestyles with nature.