Handmade sugar free gourmet chocolate bar, 100% cocoa.


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La Mestiza Chocolate

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Handmade chocolate with organic cocoa from Chiapas. All its natural ingredients provide a unique flavor and scent. The use of select fermented cocoa results in a granulated chocolate so smooth that you are able tell the difference between cocoa and sugar and enjoy the pure flavor of cocoa. Handmade unrefined gourmet chocolate with 50% select organic and fermented cocoa from Chiapas ground in a stone mill with sugar. This is a 3.52 oz chocolate bar wrapped in a food grade poly paper covered food grade paper sheet. Ingredients: Cocoa

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La Mestiza Chocolate

La Mestiza Chocolatería de los Altos de Chiapas is a company based in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas created by cocoa and chocolate lovers. It has more than 10 years of experience in chocolate making and during this time they have been re-discovering and understanding the essence of cocoa. Aware of the historic importance that cocoa had for pre-Columbian natives and for our society, they have been experimenting throughout the years to find the perfect toast and grind for their chocolate.

Each cocoa bean has a unique scent and flavor due to the ecosystem they developed in, including the jungle’s water and everything around it. Once it reaches its maturity, it is harvested and then it passes through a fermentation process where the mucilage (cocoa pulp) sugar and nutrients are absorbed by the beans, therefore, nothing is wasted. All flavors and scents are preserved when producing their chocolate. Producing it in small batches (of approximately 88.18lb) allows cocoa to have a medium roast, ideal to preserve its flavor and scent.

After that, they ground it using a special process where an unrefined chocolate is produced with small pieces of cocoa. They are committed to offer consumers a gourmet quality chocolate by using only cocoa from Chiapas. They buy to their from producers who are ecologically responsible and who use sustainable procedures. Furthermore, its cocoa is Certimex organic certified.