Hand Woven Black and Lilac Shawl with Flowers


Angeles Bautista

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This black and lilac cotton shawl is representative of the Ahuiran community located in the Municipality of Paracho, State of Michoacan. Made in back strap loom.Takt time is approximately 3 months. The term “purépecha” comes from the “p’urhé” “people” or “person”. The Purépecha culture is known to be a culture that has sustained more strongly than others, due the existence of a bigger population and the continuous practice of their customs.  It is among the most important societies of the Mesoamerican post-classical period. Their origins come from a pre-Conquest mix of Chichimec, Nahuatl and pretarasco groups who lived in the riversides and islands of Lake of Pátzcuaro at the end of the XII century. There is a hypothesis about their origin that talks about a migration from Peru to Michoacan.

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