Green Hot Chocolate Maker



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Inspired by the traditional molinillo or hot chocolate grinder, designer Christian Liahut, based in Mexico City, created this contemporary and colorful stoneware vessel. Simply add your favorite ground chocolate (we love Kekua Xocol), add warm milk, cover with the cork stopper and shake into a perfectly blended hot chocolate treat!

Vessel is 13oz and comes in red, flat black, lime green, yellow and white.

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Liahut was founded in 2011 in Mexico City by the designer Christian Liahut, who has a passion for the function and design of objects and spaces. Drawing inspiration from traditional Mexican products, Liahut excels at using ceramic to create new visually appealing products for contemporary consumers and collections. As an award winning designer, Christian uses his knowledge in Industrial Design to collaborate with international design firms such as IKEA, IED Madrid and Marimekko. Liahut designs have appeared in countless magazines, exhibitions and museums.