Green Ceramic Garden Watering Can



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Ajonjolí by Ma. Fernanda Melgarejo, is a design line founded in Queretaro that seeks to combine Mexico’s material culture by combining processes and concepts of craftsmanship with design to create expressive and contemporary objects. This idea was born from the curiosity of the designer to see the result of the combination of an industrial design with art and handicrafts, to create objects that surpass the domestic use and turn them unique pieces. One of her main objectives is to achieve national and international recognition of Mexican artisans through the creation of contemporary objects that reflect and share part of the heritage of the Mexican culture. “Ajonjolí” is harvested for its seeds, which will eventually become a plant, hence the name. Everybody knows that when a seed is planted, it grows. Ajonjolí started in 2009 as a design project where ceramic was used following the nature and schedules of the project. From that moment, all designs focused on the use of handmade ceramics and clay. Trees grow from a small seed, and big projects arise from a small idea. This Watering Can belongs to the Artisan collection. It is a decorative piece and it has a bright green finish. Made of low-temperature ceramic. Measurements: 10.5”X3.9”X6.2”.

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“A tree grows from a tiny seed, and from a small idea, great projects are developed”. -“The handcrafted products market is decreasing due to the lack of quality and the disassociation between the artisans and the target market” Fernanda Melgarejo said, who is the founder of Ajonjolí designs in Queretaro. Ajonjoli’s objective is to provide artisans with new methods and designs to create contemporary products of great quality that will satisfy the customers’ needs and desires. Ajonjolí looks to spread the Mexican heritage through its contemporary designs using artisan processes and concepts. The excellent quality and high functionality of their products is put in a design line for the home. They are also described as a product with a cause since one of the main objectives is to achieve a social development of artisan communities. Ajonjolí believes that it is important to approach the customer with the history and information of the product and the artisan.