Galeria Eklektie

Eklektik is the result of one of the most cultural oriented groups of Chiapas, it is a doorway that transports you to its essence and connects you to its roots, culture and people. Ambassadors of magic, color and happiness of Chiapas, they strongly believe in their artisans’ strength who promote art, creativity, design and elegance through their work. They are very proud of their origins, and they wish to show the world pieces that represent themselves and at the same time boost the development of communities where their artisans live. They mix centuries of history with the elegance of design and take the past’s strength and use it to boost the future. The gallery has different production categories such as clay, lacquered pieces, jewelry, handmade metal work, regional textiles in linen and wood carving. They also offer themed events. Eklektik is a gem from the Highlands of Chiapas. It gathers tradition and culture of towns from Chiapas through its pieces. Should you visit San Cristóbal de las Casas, do not forget to visit the store, we highly recommend it... The vibrant aesthetics of all Eklektik’ collections reflects the essence of indigenous cultures of Chiapas.

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